Kyabram District Football League

By Lauren Bordin

Kyabram District Football Netball League will retain the same structure as this season, despite tossing up the possibility of splitting into two sections during the year.

A proposed structure was to break the teams into two competitions divided by junior teams with the intention of adding an under-14s football division and under-13, under-11 and C-reserve netball grades.

The possibility of moving to an under-17 thirds team instead of under-18 also arose, but at Wednesday night’s annual general meeting it was decided to stick to the one league of 13 teams.

Fraser Kerrins was elected as president of the league to replace Wayne Ryan and he said there was still scope to change the structure of grades after some netball changes were introduced.

‘‘The two structures were put to a vote, it all changed about a month ago when it was back on the cards and we went to the clubs and said ‘this is what it is, are you in support?’,’’ Kerrins said.

‘‘Unfortunately we were not successful in gaining the required amount of support, so it was defeated, so we’re going to continue in 2019 with the same structure plus additional grades of C-reserve and 13-and-under netball.’’

Some clubs among the league have already advertised trials for both grades of netball and as a result of the adjustments Kerrins said there were possibilities for more changes heading in to 2020.

‘‘There is room, we are just going to look at long term sorts of things and what’s best for our league and the clubs within our league, so we’ll jump on the front foot during the early part of 2019,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s (additional netball grades) a start for us in increasing our junior pathways and provides clubs with the ability to get those numbers on the netball courts.’’

After transferring from the Picola District Football League in the lead up to this season, Dookie United will remain in the KDFNL to ensure all 13 sides remain the same.

Ryan remains on the board as senior vice-president of football with Vin Edwards stepping down from the position and Kerrins was pleased to report a $19000 profit the league recorded this year.

The KDFNL fixture will be released next week.