Top four appears to be set in Shepparton District Tennis Association

By Lauren Bordin

Shepparton District Tennis Association has passed the halfway mark of its season with the pennant finals series set, bar astounding results in the back end of the season.

Old Students, Shepparton North, McEwen Reserve Opal and White are all safely in the top four, with White in fourth position the closest to dropping out.

But even that would require three losses and Central Park or Lemnos to pick up matches in order for White to be shafted.

Heading in to round nine beginning tonight, the Students have not lost their pegging as the leading side in the competition.

They head into a night match against Lemnos raging favourites after their competitive encounter against Shepparton North last week.

In one of the Students’ tightest matches of the year they prevailed by six games with steadfast work in the mixed doubles granting them the win.

For Lemnos the match continues a difficult run for the side with Old Students the third top four side in a row to be played and the team continues to search for its first win since round 5.

The pick of tomorrow’s matches is McEwen Reserve Opal’s hosting of Shepparton North in a test between the top four sides.

Wth the Northerners well served by all its players against the Students, they will be hopeful of that continuing this week so they can build a one-match buffer on Opal.

The sides have no previous form against each other this season after Opal forfeited its round two match leaving this contest opening to any occurrence.

McEwen Reserve White takes on Central Park and the Parkers’ only option is to win this game for a chance at playing finals.

But Central Park has been struggling lately, losing to Karramomus and McEwen Reserve Opal in recent weeks.

Karramomus and St Brendan’s meet for an evenly placed contest with Stacy Kay, Evan Cooknell and Shane Harrington hoping to continue Karra’s recent good form.