Seniors World Championships

By Tyler Maher

June Simpson and Judy Buzza continue to take the tennis world by storm.

The Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club members returned from another International Tennis Federation Seniors World Championship tournament with more medals for their efforts.

Simpson, 79, battled against the field in the 75-80 age group in Umag, Croatia, and came away with silver in the women’s doubles.

It was Simpson’s third trip to the seniors championships and she plans on continue her efforts.

‘‘That was my third trip over, it’s really good and it’s getting stronger each year,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s really good, it’s interesting and (I’ve got) no injuries, so that’s excellent too.

‘‘It’s really good fun, we played 10 teams and came away with fifth overall and we were happy with that.’’

It was also Buzza’s third time at the championships and she claimed an individual bronze medal, while also making up part of the team which snared gold in the overall women’s 60-65 age group.

‘‘(It was) quite incredible, I was lucky enough to be in a team with the world champion and so that helped us get the gold medal in the teams event and it was an amazing experience, they were wonderful women,’’ Buzza said.

‘‘It was very exciting and really a dream come true to represent your country, it’s very special.

‘‘Our goal is to (keep going) because we now know the standard too and we know that we’ve got a chance if you put in some extra work of course.

‘‘(June and I) have worked together to achieve these goals which is awesome.’’

Buzza, 62, encouraged any senior tennis players who were uncertain of joining the fun to just have a go, with a premier tournament headed to the Goulburn Valley early next year.

‘‘We’ve got quite a lot of older ladies in particular — and men — in this area and the International Tennis Federation is open to anyone joining,’’ she said.

‘‘In January 2019, the Australian Seniors Championships are held right here in Shepparton so I urge that anyone can join the federation and play.’’

Local Shepparton tennis coach Bruce Ferguson also competed at the championships, with his team coming seventh.