Why not try bowling?

By Seymour Telegraph

The season for bowls has arrived.

And Seymour VRI Bowling Club wants you to be a part of it.

The club will be running a try bowls day on Sunday, September 30, the day after the AFL grand final.

And the theme will be running all through October.

Seymour VRI Bowling Club secretary Steve McGregor said it was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a sport anyone can play.

‘‘It’s a real family sport,’’ he said.

‘‘Doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can come out on the greens.

‘‘And it’s a sport that you can take up no matter how your body is. If you have a bad knee, or a bad back, use a walking stick or are in a wheelchair, there are ways to make bowling work for you.’’

The first day will run on Sunday, September 30 from 10am to 2pm at the club on Anzac Ave, and all you need to bring is a pair of flat soled shoes — although you can always go barefoot if you want.

McGregor said the day was an opportunity for people to have their first game of bowls, but hoped it wouldn’t be the last time they saw some new players.

‘‘We hope a lot of people will take up the sport after these days,’’ he said.

‘‘We hope that people will get a lot of enjoyment out of the sport and want to join us for the full season.’’

For more information, head to the Seymour VRI Bowls Club Facebook, or the Bowls Victoria website.