New reality to be focus

By Country News

The potential of augmented and virtual reality to transform agricultural supply chains will be explored at a new event hosted by Meat & Livestock Australia.

The inaugural two-day Australian Ag Immersive Technology Conference, trade show and think tank, is designed to investigate augmented and virtual reality, known as mixed reality, for all agriculture sectors and along the entire length of each supply chain.

MLA Donor Company’s research, development and innovation general manager Sean Starling said with mixed reality predicted to be the next disruptive technology and as common as smartphones in five to 10 years’ time, it was critical all sectors of Australian agriculture explored its potential.

‘‘Although Australian agriculture is lagging with the deployment of this evolving technology, its sectors can look towards other industries that have implemented it in operations to see how they’re using it now and envisioning its future applications,’’ Mr Starling said.

‘‘The conference will have a combination of presentations from end users of the technology, most from outside of agriculture, and an immersive trade show.

‘‘The program will enable solution providers to demonstrate what is possible today and what might be possible in the future.

‘‘It will culminate with a working session to solicit ideas from the audience on how mixed reality solutions can apply now to our agricultural supply chains and into the future.’’

The conference will include more than 40 presentations demonstrating end-use applications of various mixed reality deployments from the agriculture and non-agriculture sectors in marketing and consumer messaging, engaging with retail consumers, education and training, manufacturing operations, on-farm operations, and engineering, maintenance and safety.

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