Plan a plus for rural connectivity

By Country News

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition has welcomed the launch of the new Sky Muster Plus internet plan.

The new plans will not count the use of essential internet services such as internet banking and email towards monthly data allowances.

National Farmers’ Federation president Fiona Simson believes this is ‘‘a game-changer for internet connectivity in the bush.’’

‘‘The introduction of Sky Muster Plus demonstrates that the government understands the connectivity needs of regional Australians and is willing to think outside the box to fulfill these needs,’’ she said.

NFF telecommunications committee chair nominee and Agforce Queensland and Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia representative Kylie Stretton agreed.

‘‘Every day we hear from people seeking more data for their day-to-day operations,’’ she said.

‘‘We have received numerous representations from people having issues with something as simple as uploading their drought assistance forms.

‘‘Having a more realistic focus on what data requirements are, as well as what’s metered and unmetered, is very welcome.’’