You wouldn’t want to bee anywhere else...

By Campaspe News

THERE is something for everyone at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, even people with only a backyard to farm.

Event manager Susie Filleti said farming wasn’t only about broad acres and large animals.

‘‘Some of the smallest animals are vital to our food production,’’ Ms Filleti said.

Bees perform a fundamental role in pollinating a wide variety of crops and backyard beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, with the great by-product of delicious honey.

Gary Beavis from Beavo’s Honey will be giving talks in the Learning Hub on Saturday and Sunday to give visitors an insight into the life cycle and social structure of bees.

His talks will be aimed at anyone considering taking up beekeeping as a hobby, introducing them to the equipment required and explaining the time commitment needed, while locally produced pure honey will also be available for sale.

Poultry-keeping is another activity that doesn’t require a lot of space and can be done in most backyards.

‘‘Many people enjoy raising chickens in their backyards and it can be a great way to introduce children to the pleasures and responsibilities of keeping animals,’’ Ms Filleti said.

The Poultry Shed is always a popular attraction at the expo and the Seymour Poultry Club will be on hand, showcasing different breeds of birds including chickens, ducks and guinea fowl.

‘‘People will come in and we’ll have a chat about what bird they’d like and what they’re looking for,’’ Seymour Poultry Club president Enola Halpin said.

‘‘If they’re just starting off we’ll suggest they go with crossbreeds and move on to pure breeds later. You can come in and walk around, pick and buy the one you want and then go explore the rest of the expo and pick them up at the end of the day.’’

Megg Miller from Grass Roots magazine will speak in the Learning Hub on Friday and Sunday about how to achieve egg lay all year round.

A full listing of site holders and program of events is available online and in the official event guide, available at the event.

The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo will be held from February 15-17, at Kings Park in Seymour. For details or to buy tickets and save 17 per cent off the gate price, visit