Richard's Ramblings

It’s just not cricket!

By Richard Horton

For as long as I can remember, I have loved cricket. As a boy, I even managed to play! Not being a fan of running, my preferred bowling was a leg spinner (or to be more technically correct a left arm wrist spinner). I also preferred to field in the slips, and when it was my turn to bat, I was pretty much attempting to hit boundaries, so I didn’t have to run too many singles.

Cricket was one of those constants in my life when life wasn’t always that constant. Test cricket and one day cricket were the only forms back in my day. T20 wasn’t even thought of. The one day game seemed as controversial as T20 was when it first started. Once I dropped playing, I still loved to watch. I still remember being a young kid and going to the cricket with my Grandmother, Granny.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I finally decided that I wouldn’t ever play for Australia but I was more than happy to watch. In later years, I’ve enjoyed watching the local T20 series.

And now, I am decidedly upset! It seems that cricket is heading down the pay tv road. There have been quite a few games recently only available of Fox.

I have to say “IT”S JUST NOT CRICKET!”

I know it’s all about the money these days but please, please let me get to see more cricket without having to pay for it!

From a cricket tragic who misses free to air cricket...