Over the last five months, we have had quite a problem with our cars. Firstly, we had our Holden Cruze involved in an accident. The result was that it was written off. We then went into car hunting mode. I don't know how other people do it, but I am one of those meticulous people. You know the sort...research, research and more research. For a little while, we had decided that we would like a 4x4, something that could get us out into the bush and enjoy the serenity. After lots of research and lots of searching, we finally found a decent 4x4. There were bonuses as well. It was a wagon with seven seats!

I thought we were at the end of the car search. The little Yaris that we had would do us fine for a couple of years yet. I was so confident that I even deleted those car finding apps from my iPad! 

Then last week, someone ran a red light and smashed into that little Yaris. Which in turn was written off as well.  Back to the iPad and start the research again. This time it wasn't for a giant 4x4 but the opposite; a small, cheap to run car. Last night, we had created a short list of ten vehicles in Melbourne to look at. This morning we were off! 

It reminded me of Elmer Fudd "Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm car hunting". 

And we scored! It's a nice little Kia Rio that suits us well. 

Thank goodness for God looking out for us, even in the midst of car crunching noises.