Letters to the editor: School merger debate

By Shepparton News

Merger plan

Ron Poole

I feel that I must take issue with John Gray’s comments in regard to council’s input into the school amalgamation debate.

As a ratepayer I expect the elected council to oversee all of the traditional matters concerned with the upkeep and progress of our great city.

This alone is a huge job if it is to be done efficiently and overall I think they do do this.

Of course there are always some disagreement with some matters, but we have not come to the stage as have some councils of being tossed out and an administrator put in.

However, in the matter of amalgamating the schools I do not mind if as a council they forward their opinion, the same way as all Shepparton residents can, but I would strongly object if they became involved in any decisions as to the ultimate outcome of our children.

This is not the function of any council. They may decide on building facilities for our children which all can benefit from.

The way our children are to be educated and the push for a mammoth school, which in other areas has been found to be sadly inefficient should not be determined by a city council.

That is a matter of the education department and all parents of school children.

To each their own.

Change not right

Marshall Richards

The new super school is a mistake to be stopped.

The aim is to provide better education, and we all agree with that.

This will be achieved best by keeping Years 7 to 10 (or at least 7-9) where they are, and having Years 11 and 12 (or 10-12) for all at Shepparton High School, with a wide choice of subjects.

It seems to me plain common sense to do this, coupled with improved facilities and leadership. Isn’t this the best solution?

One ‘‘super high school’’ simply will not work well. It will be a daily nightmare on several fronts:

1.The traffic of buses and cars and parking will be chaotic, time-consuming and unworkable;

2.the school area is too small; and

3.how can many students frequently go up and down three levels to change classes?

Where — and when — is all the money coming from? (Meanwhile, chaos reigns).

So don’t change as proposed next year. Consider a new site to replace Shepparton High.

Stop the Super School now, and change to what is proposed here for what is best for our region.

Can anyone refute what is set out here? I would like to hear the other side.