Editorial: Let us share your stories

By Shepparton News

In recent weeks and months, The News has visited a number of smaller towns in our region to hear about what makes them tick.

News journalist John Lewis has visited towns such as Nathalia, Dookie and Murchison in the early morning to see them come to life.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to meet the characters in these smaller towns and to learn more about their history.

Our feature stories have been well received by the good people of these towns and we love being able to connect with these smaller communities.

In today’s edition of The News, the town of Rushworth (pictured) is in the spotlight.

At its peak, Rushworth had 26 mines and a population of about 40000.

Now, the population is about 1300 and the pace of life is slower.

But the town has a rich history and its people are proud to call it home.

At The News, we cover a large geographical area and we endeavour to provide all the communities within the region with the coverage they desire.

We love hearing from people in these towns about what matters to them and what they would like covered in our pages.

We want to hear about what is happening in your town — the characters, the achievements and the issues affecting you and your family and friends.

Do you have a great story happening in your community that you think is worth sharing? Get in touch via email [email protected] or phone 58203221.