Celebrating Goulburn Valley schools

By Shepparton News

Government education has been in the spotlight this week with the 75th annual Education Week taking place from Sunday, May 19, until today.

The week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector.

The theme for this year’s Education Week was about celebrating careers and pathways that will make your dream job come true and it was an opportunity for schools, TAFEs and tech schools to showcase the work they are doing to support students in their career pathways.

The News was fortunate enough to be asked along to Ardmona Primary School yesterday to celebrate the end of the week which culminated in the presentation of leadership badges.

It was fantastic to see how eager the students were to hear from someone in the media industry and the students were full of insightful questions.

What stuck out was the number of students at the school.

Being a small school, Ardmona Primary School is incredibly supportive of each and every one of its students.

The students often receive one-on-one attention from staff members and it is just as important to celebrate the great work of small schools such as these as well as bigger regional schools.

A number of other district schools held open days, exhibitions and special events during the week and it was great to see all the different ideas schools in the region came up with to showcase their education.

From dress-up days dressing as the job students wanted, to making a collage from magazines about jobs and their vision for the future, there were many activities happening throughout the week.

Because Shepparton is ultimately in an evolving stage of its educational future with the merged Greater Shepparton College, an interim name yet to be finalised, starting to take shape.