Letters to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Seeking answers on late trains

With the triennial ‘‘spendathon’’ now behind us — and a result much like the Tigers two years ago — it is time to ponder weighty issues.

Such as the missing minutes on the V/Line timetable.

On a trip to the city last week and unable to buy a newspaper at the station, I instead picked up a small folder to examine and studied it assiduously.

It showed that the train which left Shepparton at 6.25 arrived at Mooroopna at 6.32. The 9.35 service arrived at 9.42, the 12.46 service arrived at 12.53 and the 16.03 service arrived at 16.10. In other words, they all took seven minutes to reach the first stop.

Coming back from Melbourne, however, things are much different.

The 5.53 service gets to Mooroopna at 8.31 and then dawdles home in 12 minutes.

The 9.39 service gets into Mooroopna at 11.55 and 15 minutes later arrives at Shepparton.

The 12.52 service, according to the timetable, arrives at Mooroopna at 15.11 and Shepparton at 15.25 and the 16.31 service is the ‘‘slowest’’, taking from 19.07 to 19.24 to make the trip.

I’d like to know where those extra minutes compared to the journey to Melbourne go; at my stage of life I can’t afford to lose any minutes — I don’t know how many there are remaining.

P.S. Coming home, we actually arrived at Mooroopna at 7.19pm and Shepparton station at 7.26pm.

- Garrick Meadows, Kialla