Mums are always in our hearts

By Shepparton News

The News would like to extend its warmest wishes to all the mothers across the Goulburn Valley and beyond after Mother’s Day was celebrated yesterday.

Events, personal gatherings and special ceremonies were organised across the district during the day.

Mother’s Day is a time to thank all the women in our lives who have supported us on our journey.

While Mother’s Day can be an incredibly joyous time for families, it can also be a reminder of loss for anyone whose mother is no longer with them.

A story on Page 3 of today’s News tells of a young Shepparton woman grieving the loss of her mother. Fiona Forrester, 21, lost her mother Una Forrester to cancer in February this year.

The News commends Fiona’s resilience and sheer endeavour to host a Biggest Morning Tea next month, raising funds for the Cancer Council, just months after the death of her mother.

It must be a truly difficult time for Fiona, facing her first Mother’s Day without Una by her side, but her determination to give back for the support and care shown to Una and her family is a wonderful display of human spirit.

If it were not for the huge efforts of people touched by cancer, there would not be anywhere near the amount of funds poured into cancer research as we now see today.

This kind of selflessness was also demonstrated at yesterday’s Mother’s Day Classic event at Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton.

The annual walk/run had many families don a splash of pink and raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research through donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

It was great to see so many people enter in the event and contribute to finding a cure for a health issue that affects so many women in our community (and some men).

We hope that all Goulburn Valley mothers enjoyed their special day yesterday and were spoilt by their families.

And for those who were without their mothers yesterday, we hope they were firmly in your hearts and minds.