Letters to the Editor

By Reader Contributed

Case against Adani mine

Australia has reserves of high quality coal that boggle the mind.

There are many existing mines that are capable of supplying India’s coal needs, without scarring the pristine Galilee Basin.

Adani has had a dubious past history of environmental mismanagement.

Its new mine is simply unwelcome, and not needed, at a time when burning coal is outdated, and consumption slowly declining worldwide. This new mine is an environmentally offensive proposal.

Coal has a limited future, and despite Queensland needing the investment and jobs, that state is just a part of Australia and has no right to be selfish and reckless in allowing this project to proceed.

All coal we approved for export sales can be supplied from an already efficient existing supply capacity, and the Queensland landscape need not be disturbed, employment at other existing mines would be destabilised.

Underground water reserves will not be at risk, and there is no reason to allow this Adani adventure to be allowed to proceed.

Rex Tooley, Shepparton

Cruel acts

Humans are the latest creatures produced by the nature.

They can be kinder, but also more cruel than animals.

Since the beginning the different tribes, nations and races were fighting each other.

To start with they were using sticks and stones, but today they have automatic weapons, bombs and intercontinental missiles. Instead of killing people one at the time, they are killing them in hundreds.

Civilisation is only skin deep, human race is being dominated by natural instincts, rather than by reason.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth