Letter to the Editor

By Reader Contributed

Basin help crucial

I read Myles Peterson’s opinion piece in The News on Friday with great interest.

I am very much of the hope that his predictions are incorrect — particularly those for the Victorian Senate, given the names he mentioned are running in NSW.

We all know that Damian Drum has the advantage of incumbency and of the National Party machine, but we also know that his party’s stubborn refusal to attempt any real changes to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan or offer any real assistance to our dairy industry has the potential to decimate our region. If our farmers continue to fall victim to a water price six times higher than most can afford, our processors will close.

If farmers and processors are no longer hiring staff or using contractors, our Goulburn-Murray region will be a different place to what it is now.

If readers of these pages are seeking an alternative this election, the good news is that there are several — three independents, two minor parties, Labor and the Greens.

I can’t speak for the other candidates, but I don’t seek to just be your local MP, I seek to represent you in our federal parliament.

With your support, I believe I can win this seat.

- Andrew Bock, Independent for Nicholls