Tackling road trauma head-on

By Shepparton News

Police in the region are taking yet another measure in an effort to reduce road trauma.

It is encouraging that the Eastern Region Division 3 Highway Patrol has flagged an issue within the community and is being proactive when it comes to communicating with people about road trauma.

Eastern Region 3 Highway Patrol Acting Senior Sergeant David Gillespie will join residents of Tatura and surrounding areas tomorrow night following a number of fatal collisions in the district during the first two months of this year.

Last week The News reported on a fatal accident that took place at Tatura, claiming the life of a Shepparton woman, 49, on Ferguson Rd.

Last month, a Sunshine man, 20, was found dead by a passing motorist on Murchison-Violet Town Rd near Murchison after it appeared a vehicle struck him.

Already 41 lives have been lost on Victorian roads this year alone, which is up 64 per cent on last year’s road toll at this time, according to the Transport Accident Commission.

It is never okay to lose lives on our roads and the TAC highlights this by its continued push towards a road toll of zero.

But statistics only indicate that fatal accidents are taking place more often.

Already in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria Police hosts the fantastic Cool Heads program which focuses on reducing road trauma among young road users.

The program goes a long toward educating the region’s young people and their parents, but when it comes to other road users, there is probably a gap in the market.

Tomorrow’s forum in Tatura will aim to close that gap, providing road education to those from all walks of life who wish to attend with talks from Acting Sen Sgt Gillespie as well as Denise Moseley from Road Trauma Support Services Victoria.

Education is always power and The News congratulates Acting Sen Sgt Gillespie and his team for providing a forum such as this.

Not only will guests have input into how to reduce road trauma in their community, they will also learn about the impact of road trauma and just how vast the ‘‘ripple effect’’ can be.