Letters to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Railway rethink

The establishment of the Shepparton Art Museum is now a fact we need to accept. It is time to put to rest all the smart asides.

This will be the gateway to Shepparton. It is more than a place of art. It will be a communal meeting place with a restaurant at the head of Victoria Park Lake.

A railway platform there could well be the place for all incoming traffic from Melbourne. This would be more convenient than the present site. Outgoing rail journeys could remain as is now.

There is no real need for an overpass to the east side of the railway station. It is too expensive for the amount of use it would get.

Such funds as were being considered for the overpass would be much better used for a new railway platform at the museum.

- Alan English, Shepparton

Enough doom and gloom

Regarding Terry Court’s letter to the editor, headlined ‘Time to act’ in The News on Friday, February 8:

Climate change and global warming are a myth. Hot weather, droughts, floods are nothing new. It’s been happening for years, it is nature, a cycle.

Going back nearly 70 years to my primary school days, some of the hot spells we thought were never going to end.

Going back over 100 years, my mother-in-law who grew up in central NSW told me it was so hot the birds were dropping out of the sky.

Climate change is being blamed for everything with no proof it is causing anything.

What do you blame the current big freeze in America and Japan on? Is the ice age coming back again?

You talk about fires; apart from the occasional lightning strike, most fires are lit by people.

Around Shepparton Show week it rains as far back as I can remember, which tells me the weather has not changed much. You talk about CO2; the amount we emit into the atmosphere is a drop in the ocean compared with China, India, just to name a couple of countries.

So the world goes round and we don’t make much difference to it. My advice is, see if you can write about something happy instead of predicting doom and gloom that has not been proven.

- A. Tricarico, Shepparton