Letter to editor

By Shepparton News

Thumbs up to vegans

What joy — two similarly-themed articles in one paper (News Friday, January 18).

Firstly, Jose Lester explained her journey to veganism, which was not without challenges, particularly her love of cheese.

I have always disliked cheese, but occasionally I like fresh free-range eggs that are delivered to me straight from an open living farm, that is the best you can get.

Not for chickens I hear you say and I have been publicly lambasted for admitting I liked an occasional poached egg on my smashed avo.

I implemented ‘Veganuary’ last year and it was completely unnoticed, so I extended it and re-invented myself in the kitchen even further.

I have been gifted vegan cookbooks, so feel obliged to try recipes, and I happily report back to the giver.

So far all have been scrumptious.

Mr Lewis wrote that maybe ‘‘it is much easier to reach out and grab a snag or burger than prepare a raw vegetable’’.

But stir-frying or grilling veg is no more labour intensive than grilling/frying a snag/burger and, if you can’t slice or dice your veg, they are available already prepared.

The habit needs to change along with an understanding that we don’t need meat to be healthy (science based).

Changing lifestyles is difficult, you do have to flick that switch in your mind.

I say good luck to anybody who is trying.

The flavours of fresh produce, which are in abundance here, are delicious.

Good on you Josie and John.

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton