Crime prevention is aim in Greater Shepparton

By Shepparton News

Any measure taken at a local level to lower crime rates is welcomed.

The newly created Greater Shepparton Community Safety Network goes one step further to reducing crime in the area by engaging people at a local level.

The initial move to survey the community regarding what their biggest causes of concern were, was a great way to ease into the new network. This already empowers residents to feel as though their safety concerns are being heard, and the issues flagged by the community reflect areas in which there could be improvement.

Drug-related violence, burglaries and violent crime were among the biggest concerns for Greater Shepparton residents.

We hope local organisations that work in these spaces can engage with Greater Shepparton police officers in a constructive way to reduce criminal incidents.

It is not surprising to see this network style of crime prevention spread across the state, with 13 regions getting on board.

Driven from the bottom up, we could see residents take far more ownership of the issues Greater Shepparton faces and help to tackle them head-on.

We know that Greater Shepparton police have led by example using this preventative method of tackling crime when it comes to road trauma, particularly among young people.

Local police were the catalyst behind the Cool Heads Young Driver Program, which has been adopted in many other areas across the state.

It would be great to see Greater Shepparton become another example of how crime can be tackled by engaging with people in the prevention space.