Letters to the Editor

By Reader Contributed

Keep posts nice

I would like to talk about social media.

Why is it some people feel qualified to start up anonymous Facebook groups with the sole purpose of council-bashing and dragging individual councillors through the mud?

Councillors are real people, just like everyone else. We have family, friends and associates, all engaged together in the world wide web. When this is done respectfully, social media can be a great communication/learning tool. Unfortunately, it is also a forum for cyber bullies.

The suicide of actor/model Charlotte Dawson (among others) is a case in point of how serious the repercussions can be. People are judged on social media, not only on what they post, but even by association with the pages they like.

People are blocked from Facebook for innocuous images such as breastfeeding, but pages set up solely for personal attacks are unregulated and given free rein. This can be problematic for anyone at the best of times, let alone if you are a public figure.

Thank you to the army of people who stood up for me on a recent bullying thread. The world is a different place these days and we have come a come a long way since ‘‘Your Say Shepparton’’.

I have intentionally tried to be as transparent as possible, but there is no ‘‘off’’ button, not even on leave. Therefore, for my own mental heath, I have made a decision to no longer engage in council discussions on my personal page.

If you want to message me privately or have a discreet question, I will do my best to answer, but from now on I will ask that you go to my Fern Summer Greater Shepparton Council page for inquiries. Better yet, contact council directly.

I know it is hot, but we need to find other constructive ways of releasing that frustration. Please, try to be positive, check in on each other, and remember kindness.

Fern Summer, City of Greater Shepparton councillor

Pill takers solely responsible

I cannot see any way that introducing pill testing will stop the overdosing deaths that are occurring.

What happens when a tester says that a certain pill is safe, but the person who takes it has a bad reaction (dies)? Who is then held responsible?

We are all responsible for whatever we put into our own mouth/body, if teenagers have not heard enough of the dangers of taking drugs, they must not be aware of anything that is going on around them.

I know that I can jump out of a plane at 30000 feet without a parachute. The fall will not hurt me, it is only when I hit the ground and stop does the overall effect take place.

For these people attending festivals, is not the music and atmosphere enough, why the need to take some unknown drug?

I firmly believe that if a person wants to take any un-prescribed drug, they alone are responsible for the result.

They know deep down it is wrong, but they also believe that they are indestructible.

So be it.

Ron Poole, Shepparton