‘Plogging’ not rubbish idea

By Shepparton News

The activity ‘‘plogging’’ may seem unique and novel, but carries multiple clear benefits.

And possibly more importantly, creates vital awareness of the necessity of looking after the region’s rivers, bushland and surrounds.

Translated from the Swedish words ‘‘plocka upp’’ — a combination of ‘‘to jog’’ and ‘‘to pick up’’— the activity creates the opportunity for people to participate in some physical exercise, while also cleaning up litter.

That the event took place at Stuart Reserve is significant and illustrative.

One organiser described the area as a hotspot for rubbish dumping.

With any luck, the participants of this latest plogging event will take note of the rubbish dumping and litter in the reserve and perhaps relay the message of cleaning up the area.

It goes without saying that plastics, glass, aluminium cans and other larger household items create ugly additions to the otherwise pretty landscape.

Perhaps worse still, such rubbish can have disastrous impacts on the flora and fauna that call our region home.

‘‘We hear a lot about ocean animals, but we need to remember it comes from here and affects all the critters down the stream,’’ RiverConnect education officer Allison Trethowan said.

‘‘We have a responsibility now more than ever to take home and take out our rubbish.’’

Events such as this one, alongside offering a great opportunity for some exercise over the weekend, provide valuable opportunities for city residents to see first hand the litter through the region’s remarkable natural areas and hopefully prompt discussion by passing on these messages.

Well done to all involved.