Perfect wedding dress is not the perfect price

By Shepparton News

Keep calm — I’m getting married this year!

My new year’s resolution was straightforward: do not become a bridezilla.

But as January 1 arrived, so did the bridal sales.

I literally felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up at the thought of getting a bargain wedding dress.

With my main aim being to shop locally, I jumped at the chance to make it happen and booked in for my first bridal viewing.

Feeling very excited, I told everyone I wasn’t expecting to find my perfect dress first go and that I was keeping an open mind about the trial.

This was a lie, and really inside I was bursting with excitement for my first fitting.

I was going to fool everyone and come home with the perfect bargain, the dress would fit perfectly and it would compare to the Runaway Bride bell dress.

For those who just said ‘‘Huh?’’ the Runaway Bride bell dress is worn by Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter in the 1999 romantic comedy co-starring Richard Gere.

The bell dress is featured when Maggie heads in to pick up her chosen dress and falls in love with a different one displayed in the window.

With mirrors from every angle, Maggie tries on the dress and describes her favourite feature; swaying from side to side she illustrates the motion of a bell as she walks.

I walked in to see a row of white dresses and was instructed to pick out anything I liked.

Finding a few I thought I’d try, I spotted the dress I was dreaming of.

It was the dress I had been following on social media for months and admiring from the window.

The dress was in a style I had never thought of trying, but for some reason it spoke to me.

I’d sent photos to my mum and my maid of honour with an excited emoji face, but never thought the style would suit me and I definitely wasn’t running into the store to find out.

Trying on the dress was a bad idea.

I fell even more in love with the style and the way it made me feel: confident and happy.

It was at that point I looked at the price tag, which was unfortunately over my budget.

I have always been a big believer in equal spending within planning for a wedding, and unfortunately this perfect dress would cost more than the cost of my fiance’s suit for the big day.

Don’t get me wrong, this dress was not ridiculously expensive, it was worth every penny and so beautiful, but now I understand how people fall in love with what they can’t have.

Keeping my options open, I took photos in the perfect dress and alternative dresses and headed home to ponder my thoughts.

Still dreaming of the perfect dress, and by now realising it would not be easy to find another I liked as much, I have vowed to give myself some time, be patient and decide where to go from here.

Madeleine Caccianiga is a News journalist.