Letter to the Editor

By Reader Contributed

A long way to go

Today we are accomplishing feats that we thought to be impossible yesterday.

We have found a way to escape the gravity of Earth and travel in the space.

Not that long ago ships were sailing from the old ports of Europe to look for new continents.

Today spacecraft are blasting from the launching pads on Earth to explore the universe and seek new planets.

I don’t know how the universe started.

But I believe that life on our planet has developed by chemical processes, activated by the heat from the sun.

Spirit (God) didn’t create life, as some people tend to believe.

He wouldn’t make living creatures to kill each other, suffer or die.

Spirit has developed in us as a result of lessons we have learned from the past experiences.

It keeps growing from one generation to another and helping us to overcome hardships of nature (fight of spirit against material).

But in spite of the fast progress, we are still humble creatures, that have a long way to go to master the universe.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth