A quiet word - George Deeble

By Shepparton News

Every so often a little illustration appears on the internet that highlights an important message.

Such is the story of Terry.

Terry had just been given a job as a window salesman.

Even though Terry failed at most things he attempted, he was always willing to give anything a go.

Terry’s boss decided to send him out on a practical field trip on his first day and threw him right into the deep end by asking him to visit an interested prospect at the high end of town ... where the big money was in windows/double-glazing sales.

Not being a gifted salesman, Terry set out in a highly nervous state.

He approached the front door and thudded the door knocker several times.

An elderly woman approached and, after his first shaky introduction, she invited him in.

He stayed there for more than three hours.

Then, after several cups of tea and heaps of biscuits, the woman signed a contract and bought more than $15000 worth of windows.

Interestingly, however, the woman had already spoken with six other glazing salesmen that week.

All of them offered her a cheaper quote.

Terry’s price was the most expensive.

He was also the most inexperienced salesman there ever was.

So, what was the secret of Terry’s success?

The woman said she ‘‘liked the young lad more than the others’’.

That’s all there was to it.

She didn’t care about the extra expense.

Even the other slick salesmen couldn’t persuade her to pay less than this young chap was asking.

The truth is, this young man’s first impression shone brighter than any of the sales talk the others subjected the customer to.

First impressions count — and this young lad’s courtesy, attitude, politeness and likeability were what closed the sale.

Not the sales hype. Not the low prices with the gigantic over-hyped benefits.

The young man’s personality, good first impression and his integrity were what won the sale.

I don’t know if this is a true story or not but I certainly can identify with Terry.

It is so easy to overlook the natural abilities we have, especially in regard to our character and personality, when we compare ourselves to high achievers.

God has given all of us the ability to care, show compassion and be honest.

In the end, these qualities are the ones that matter and which help us close life’s deals.