Letter to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Patience has finally paid off

The article by Laura Briggs in the Shepparton News on Wednesday, December 19, struck a chord with me.

Perseverance and patience paid off for her and she grabbed her chance to photograph the Geminid meteor shower.

I am not a photographer’s bootlace but each year I had a crack at grabbing a shot of the chicks which hatched outside my daughter’s bedroom window.

Much to our delight they returned annually and I would stand ever so still waiting for an opportunity to get that one amateur shot of mum feeding her chicks.

One year I managed to shoot video.

This year I was there to see them hatch and grow a few feathers, but sadly my relocation means that I will not get to see them take flight this year.

I have enlightened the new residents of their presence and I am happy with my basic shots.

More than anything I am delighted that I did not have to buy a tent and set up camp and wait around until 4am.

— Maggie Turner-Miguel