Police to be commended for record low road toll

By Shepparton News

One life lost on our roads is one life too many.

But Victoria Police, VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission are to be commended for reducing the road toll to its lowest level in recorded history.

What is particularly encouraging is the large drop in fatalities on rural and regional roads.

This cannot be attributed to a single cause or initiative — it builds on years of effort, planning, even science.

Younger readers may not be aware that blood alcohol limits and seat belts were the start of the ‘Towards Zero’ campaign, even if it was yet to be named.

In 1970, more than a 1000 people lost their lives on the state’s roads.

Compare this to 2018, when 214 people died.

Some in our community criticise the enforcement of road rules as ‘‘revenue raising’’.

We would ask those critics if they would like to return to a bygone era when little prevented other drivers from travelling on the roads and taking extreme risks with their own life and everyone else’s — back when a driver could get into their vehicle significantly impaired by alcohol without a seatbelt installed, let alone buckled up.

Victoria Police has a very important job to do in helping to keep us all safe.

Roadside breath testing helps keep us all safe.

Speeding tickets discourage us from driving too fast, thus helping to keep us safe.

Drug-testing, seat-belt use and anti-distraction enforcement help keep us safe.

We thank our police and associated authorities for a job well done and support them in their efforts in continuing to reduce the road toll.