Risky tyre dump dumped

By Shepparton News

The Victorian Government’s intervention to remove a tyre dump at Numurkah, which has proved extremely dangerous and presented a huge risk, marks a massive sigh of relief for the community.

This site has been an enormous eyesore, but more importantly one with the potential to wreak catastrophic consequences to the town had a significant fire broken out.

The government is to be commended for stepping in, and moreover for wasting no time in the removal of the about 500000 tyres there; in itself, no mean feat.

The mammoth task of removing the half a million tyres will begin next week and, if timelines are kept to, be completed by the end of summer. This speaks to the urgency needed in its removal, but also to the scope of damage a site like this can cause if a fire broke out.

That we’re heading into a period of almost 40°C temperatures only exacerbates this need.

Residents’ relief at this outcome was visible when the funding was announced yesterday.

And the community’s persistence in requesting this site be dealt with is to be commended, alongside parliamentarians, the council and stakeholders who have taken action and made calls for this outcome to be reached.

The outcome is a positive one.

But it has followed what the Moira Shire’s CEO in October said had been years of legal action with the Sidebottom Group around the removal of the tyre dump.

Judging by the line of questioning from the community at a meeting in Numurkah yesterday, there’s no love lost here, with some asking about the site’s owners’ accountability for the tyre removal operation.

To remove the pile will mean $1.5million of government funding being allocated.

We sincerely hope that where possible, costs can be recovered, and it is promising that authorities say they are exploring these options.

For now, Numurkah residents can celebrate that a dangerous and risky site is being removed, and with it a large threat that has been hanging over the community for a number of years.