Dumping dilemma

By Reader Contributed

Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

I travel past the Salvos Store in St Georges Rd several mornings each week.

Recently I have walked past, which added another dimension to the variety of ‘‘donations’’ I saw that land on their doorstep.

This morning I went by at around 7.45am and the donations (again using the word loosely) were spread along the front and the side of the building.

They were also spread along the side street, with some hiding under some bushes on the opposite side of the building.

Last week some of the clothing was tossed and left hanging on top of the gateway which looks to be barbed wire.

They also extended further along the side street right up to the driveway opposite the Fernwood gym entry, and I have seen items dumped in the middle of the road.

This surely cannot be up to the good folk who volunteer their time there to continuously clean up and organise disposal.

The buck must stop with somebody other than these folk and as long as it is ignored then the dumpers will continue to dump.

There must be somebody in a position of power who can make a decision on how to resolve this ongoing dilemma.