Raising funds, awareness

By Shepparton News

The challenges faced by parents of premature babies often go unrecognised.

While we know it is a reasonably common experience, we do not often hear just how heartbreaking having a premature baby can be.

But with people like the Berry family — brave enough to speak out about the ordeal of having premature twin babies born earlier this year — and events such as Walk For Prems, awareness is being raised.

Becoming a new parent can be an emotional time.

The months leading up to the birth are filled with excitement and anticipation for the baby’s arrival.

But when a parent is told their baby’s arrival will be much sooner than expected, this can send life’s plans spiralling out of control.

This can mean months of visiting your baby in hospital before being able to take the little bundle of joy home.

And for some parents it can also mean the gutwrenching experience of losing a child.

According to Walk For Prems organiser — Life’s Little Treasures Foundation — 48000 premature or sick babies are born in Australia each year.

With that many babies facing uncertain futures, it is incredibly important to raise awareness and support the parents of these babies through any means possible.

Since it started nine years ago, the walk has raised more than $1.4million and this year the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation hopes to raise $300000.

Nathalia is one of the few locations outside of major capital cities hosting a Walk For Prems event, so The News is encouraging all to get involved in this opportunity on October 28.