ConnectGV funding is vital

By Shepparton News

A service such as ConnectGV deserves to have the best possible facilities.

It was encouraging to hear the Victorian Coalition commit $2 million to redeveloping the day room facilities after they were built in 1968.

The facilities are crying out for an overhaul and after much campaigning the organisation has finally received a commitment.

It must be highlighted that the funding is simply that — a commitment — and is not likely to eventuate if another party is elected in next month’s state election.

Given this organisation’s important role in the community delivering day programs, social enterprises, accommodation and outreach services, its facilities need to come in line with modern-day disability care.

This will only be more important as the National Disability Insurance Scheme continues to be rolled out into next year.

It would be incredibly encouraging to see other parties contesting the Victorian election throw their hats into the ring for this sorely needed project.

First established in 1954, ConnectGV is the leading disability provider within the Goulburn Valley, and the organisation has touched the lives of many locals.

With the building in such an advanced state of disrepair that some rooms have even been decommissioned, a redevelopment is not just a matter of improving the facilities but is sorely needed to help ensure the safety of clients and staff.

The organisation already services about 150 clients; a redevelopment could allow it to help more children and adults living with a disability in the region.