Kangaroo comes to visit new Kialla resident

By Madeleine Byron

Kialla resident Mellisa Hudson got the shock of her life yesterday when an adult kangaroo came hopping down the hallway of her new home.

The only one home, Ms Hudson was unpacking boxes when she heard banging from the other end of the house.

‘‘I poked my head out into the hallway and there’s this great big grey kangaroo coming straight for me,’’ she said.

Ms Hudson had left the front door open while carrying things inside.

‘‘It was crazy. I jumped back into the room and let it go past me into the back room,’’ she said.

Watching the animal fret, Ms Hudson had to think fast to save her glass sliding doors to the backyard.

‘‘It just kept bouncing from one side of the room to the other and losing its footing — I was getting quite worried,’’ she said.

Moving across the room, Ms Hudson opened the door and hoped for the best.

Once the animal made its way outside, Ms Hudson was still faced with kangaroo being trapped in the yard.

Keeping an eye on the animal, Ms Hudson was put in contact with Bohollow wildlife shelter.

‘‘I noticed she was injured and there was small droplets of blood down the hallway so I was very happy to see help arrive,’’ she said.

‘‘I was told that she was a female and that she was carrying a small joey.’’

The kangaroo was rescued after taking a dip in the pool.

‘‘It was just bizarre because of all places and she’s christened my pool,’’ Ms Hudson said.

Shelter operator Kirsty Ramadan said it was not uncommon to receive calls about wildlife in town.

‘‘We’ve seen a increasing number of rescues within built up areas over the past six or more years, which could be due to new housing estates and smaller towns expanding into bush land or open spaces,’’ Ms Ramadan said.

Working the industry for more than 20 years, Ms Ramadan had seen wildlife many weird and wonderful places.

‘‘Each situation is different, we’ve got to look at the safest option for both ourselves, the animal and the property area. In this case we had to think about the glass sliding door and prevent further injury,’’ she said.

After inspecting the kangaroo, Ms Ramadan said the animal was recovering from a concussion and would most likely be released within hours.

In the event of a wildlife emergency or concern, phone Kirsty Ramadan on 0447636953 or Deb Fowler on 0418328671. For information, follow Bohollow Wildlife Shelter Inc on Facebook.