Slow down near Grahamvale Primary School

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Reduced speed limits in front of Grahamvale Primary School have been welcomed by the school’s principal.

The revised speed limit takes in a 2.5km stretch past the Grahamvale Primary School entrance on the Shepparton Alternative Route, from south of New Dookie Rd to north of Ford Rd.

The reduced school speed zone was implemented on Thursday, dropping it from 80km/h to 60km/h and 40km/h during school terms and certain times of the day.

Grahamvale principal Simone Higgins said as the school had grown, the staff had worked hard to monitor a safe drop-off and pick-up zone.

‘‘Before Thursday, the speed limit was 80km/h, which dropped to 60 during school hours, now I’m watching the cars and trucks slow to 40km/h during school times from a permanent 60km/h,’’ Ms Higgins said.

She said the new speed limit not only protected the students leaving the school grounds, but families merging onto the road.

‘‘The parents are very grateful and have said its been a long time coming.’’.

Shepparton resident Tom Raditsas, who lives 1km from the Grahamvale and Ford Rd intersection, told The News in 2014 he was disappointed the notorious Grahamvale Rd was not included in VicRoads’ Speed Limit Review at the time.

‘‘All it takes is the speed limits being reduced... I can’t understand why they didn’t consider it,’’ Mr Raditsas had said.

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