Federal election voting in full swing in Shepparton

By Laura Briggs

Although the sun was out and the air was crisp, it has been a crawling start for polling stations around Shepparton.

While the smell of the barbecue was wafting down Guthrie Street Primary School, volunteers said they were yet to have a major influx of voters.

Gowrie Street Primary School appeared to be in a similar position with voters happily completing the voting process within minutes of arriving.

By about 10 am community members had short lines forming at Bourchier Street Primary School with a constant flow beginning to pick up as the day progresses.

The News spoke with a number of volunteering campaigners at the polling stations to hear their thoughts on the election.

While they continued to offer their how-to-vote cards to each new comer, multiple volunteers said their biggest concern around the election was the number of those who did not know how to vote or who to vote for.

Having spoken to many people as they approached the polling stations throughout the morning, volunteers said they were surprised at just how many people were still unsure of who they would vote for just steps away from the booth.

Hoping to keep the faces of those they represented fresh in the minds of voters moments before they numbered their preferred candidates, volunteers said they were interested to see how the results played out - with some hoping to hear not only the elected candidate, but the total number of spoiled votes.

Volunteers believed the slow start to the day had been a result of many locals having completed their votes at pre-polling stations in the weeks leading up to election day.