Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell - One Nation

By Shepparton News

I am a 36-year-old married mother of two, living in the Moira Shire within our Nicholls seat. My husband and I purchased a 200-acre dairy in February last year to become our home and business, hopefully for the rest of our days. Since moving to the area, I have been amazed by how instantly at home I have felt. Our neighbours and community members are an amazing bunch of Aussie people who are always on for a chat and willing to help each other. The community spirit is something that I do not want to see lost from a rapidly fading agricultural industry. One of the main attractions for us to set up our business here was the incredible irrigation infrastructure and soils. But unfortunately, we have seen it going to waste as the price of water has increased by more than $500/Ml. Nobody in the district that I have spoken to had predicted this hiked increase.