Despite rainfalls, dry start to year predicted to continue

By Shepparton News

Shepparton received a reprieve from an unusually dry start to the year on Sunday night and yesterday morning with 4mm of rainfall recorded at the aerodrome.

The falls came following an extremely dry month to date with only 0.2mm recorded on April 1.

The first three months of the year did not fare much better with only 6.6mm recorded in January and February, and 5.4mm recorded in March, a long way behind the 36.6mm received in December.

The 22.8mm total for this year sits less than half that received during the same time last year and well less than the 137.2mm to-date average.

Shepparton’s wettest year on record since 1996 was 771mm recorded in 2010.

The year 2006 was the driest with just 183mm recorded.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s climate outlook indicates the dry spell may last into winter with May through to June predicted to be drier than average.

The bureau is also predicting warmer days and nights with a very high chance (greater than 80 per cent) of above average temperatures.

Climate modelling also suggests a chance El Niño will develop in coming months, which could further exacerbate the dry conditions.

Chances of further rainfalls in Shepparton for the remainder of the week are little to none, according to bureau forecasts.