Police to host road trauma forum in Tatura

By Myles Peterson

Following a number of fatal collisions in and around the Tatura region this year, Victoria police is hosting a forum for residents on Thursday.

Acting Senior Sergeant David Gillespie of Eastern Region 3 Division Highway Patrol said Victoria Police was moving to put in extra measures to curb the horror start to the year and wanted to inform the public, while taking feedback.

District police will host the meeting, with Acting Sen Sgt Gillespie and Road Trauma Support Services Victoria’s Denise Moseley to attend.

The special forum has been organised following a spate of road deaths.

‘‘Given for the month of January and early February there have been a number of fatal collisions within the Tatura and surrounding areas, I am wanting to discuss with the community what local police are actually doing about it,’’ Acting Sen Sgt Gillespie said.

‘‘I will be able to talk to the community about how police respond to serious collisions and the follow up investigation required — how we work with external stakeholders regarding collisions, road environment and strategies to prevent further collisions. I also want to talk about how the community can have input into reducing the likelihood of road trauma within their local community.’’

Acting Sen Sgt Gillespie said highway policing involved much more than enforcing road rules and his officers took each injury and fatality to heart.

The forum will also offer information on support for those affected.

‘‘The attendance of Denise will provide the opportunity for her to talk about the welfare and support services available to those who may be affected by road trauma at this time,’’ he said.

‘‘It is known that road trauma has a ‘ripple effect’ across a small and local community that is far reaching. Sometimes people don’t want to come forward and ask for help, or that do not know that help is available.

‘‘This is designed to be an opportunity for a question and answer type meeting where locals, police and RTSSV can join to discuss road trauma in their local area.’’

Victoria Police will host the forum from 7.30pm at the Tatura Senior Citizen’s Centre, on Flanagan Place opposite the Tatura police station, on Thursday.