Snapchat student violence group closed

By Myles Peterson

A Snapchat group uploading and shared videos of Shepparton students allegedly fighting and assaulting other students, covered in The News last Friday, has reportedly been shut down.

Informants with access to the group say it has disappeared.

However, Victoria Police is still investigating the matter and continues to ask for anyone who was the victim of an attack to come forward.

‘‘Even though the group has been closed down we will continue to investigate the matter and any assault reported to us will also be investigated,’’ a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

The group came to light when members of the public reported it to The News and Victoria Police last week.

The Department for Education said it would no longer comment on the matter, nor would the principals of two schools whose grounds and uniforms were identifiable in the videos.

Last week those principals described the Snapchat group and the videos it was disseminating as shocking and distressing.

‘‘It is very distressing to see video footage of our students behaving in this manner,’’ McGuire College principal Claire Kelly said.

‘‘We will be doing everything in our power to ensure this is handled in line with school and community expectations.’’

Shepparton High School principal Christine Cole said last week: ‘‘I am shocked and upset by this video and want to reassure our community that we are taking this matter very seriously and will be taking appropriate disciplinary measures.’’

Assault can be reported to the Shepparton police station on 58205777 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.