Super lemon surprise at Mooroopna’s Cafe 3629

By Madeleine Byron

Making lemonade out of lemons will be easy for the staff at Mooroopna’s Café 3629 after a lemon weighing almost a kilo was brought in from a friend of a friend this week.

Café owner Elaine Danne said a staff member brought the lemon back from a family friend’s house in Melbourne.

‘‘They’ve got this lemon tree in their yard which actually belonged to an Italian family ... this tree produces this type of fruit every year apparently,’’ Ms Danne said.

Deciding to keep the fruit, Ms Danne said people only had to look at the lemon to see the difference in size to a regular lemon.

‘‘The juice we got from the other lemons which were quite large was just amazing so the juice we are going to get out of that will be twice as much — just amazing,’’ she said.

Ms Danne said she planned to put the lemon to ‘‘good use’’.

‘‘We will zest it and juice it but I didn’t have the heart to do it when I first saw it because I have never seen anything like it,’’ she said.

The lemon, weighing almost 1kg, will cease to exist in a week or two as staffers plan for the dissection.