Train punctuality and reliability improving slightly

By Shepparton News

There may be plenty of attention being paid to improving Shepparton’s train line during the next decade from both sides of politics.

And while the Shepparton line’s punctuality is improving bit by bit, month by month, its September result still fell short of V/Line’s 92 per cent target.

Marking the line’s best result in almost a year, 86.3 per cent of trains arrived on time last month.

It’s the line’s most punctual performance since October last year.

Reliability also improved, with all services delivered — none cancelled — last month.

V/Line chief executive officer James Pinder said while delivering month-on-month improvements on the Shepparton line, performance remained the key focus for the regional rail operator.

‘‘We’ve been working hard to achieve consistent improvements with our performance on the Shepparton line, as we work towards achieving our target of 92 per cent,’’ Mr Pinder said.

A V/Line statement cited the main reasons for delays to Seymour and Shepparton services through September as ‘‘trains stopping longer than the time allocated in the timetable and delays in the shared section of the metropolitan network’’.

On the Seymour line, 87.4per cent of services arrived on time in September, with 96.3 per cent of services delivered for the month; exceeding V/Line’s reliability target.