Coffee with cops positive

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Community members have enjoyed coffee with local law enforcement officers as part of Shepparton police’s Coffee with a Cop initiative.

Police officers across all ranks joined the public at Welsford Street Cafe to discuss concerns and answer any questions community members wished to ask.

This event was a first for Shepparton police as part of the Victorian Government Community Safety Networks project.

The statewide project opened in November 2017, aiming to provide Victorian communities with a direct platform to discuss local crime issues and policing priorities.

Greater Shepparton is one of 12 communities where a Community Safety Network is being established, giving residents a greater voice in Victoria Police’s efforts to combat crime.

The networks will be made up of local residents, councils and community groups, who will take part in a range of forums and initiatives involving Victoria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and the Department of Justice and Regulation.

The networks will also provide residents with accurate information and resources about local crime trends and safety issues, including crime prevention advice.

As part of the project, Shepparton police officers asked event attendees to complete a survey about safety issues in the community.

Shepparton police Leading Senior Constable Glenn Gibson said they were not sure what to expect, but were happy with the number of community members who had paid them a visit.

He said a common concern seemed to be a lack of police presence.

Senior Constable Matthew Walker echoed the sentiment of his colleague, and hoped more people would take the time to fill out the survey, in order to best address the public’s concerns.

To learn more and take part in the survey, visit