Locals enjoy Love Your Bookshop Day

By Laura Briggs

Love Your Bookshop Day saw readers rush in from all around to Shepparton’s Collins Booksellers on Saturday.

Collins Booksellers manager Helen Sofra said the day was a way for locals to celebrate the bookshop being part of the community.

As part of the in-store celebrations Ms Sofra said she was thrilled to have former bookshop employee Billy Parker, now a paleontologist, who ran an educational dinosaur session for children.

‘‘We wanted to do something for those children who don’t neccesarily like novels as such but want to learn about science and things.’’

Ms Sofra said following the children's dinosaur session, she was pleased to have a new book added to the store’s wide range on offer.

‘‘Today we have the added bonus of a local author who is launching her first book, so it’s very exciting to have her here,’’ she said.

Local Tatura author and school teacher Di Walker said she was delighted to be invited to release her first book at the Shepparton store on the Love Your Bookshop Day.

Ms Walker was overjoyed by the response of locals who visited the store to attend the book launch and secure their copy. She said it was nerve racking and exciting all at the same time.

‘‘Up until now everyone who’s read it has been friends or family so they give me all that love and support, but now it’s about to be unleashed on Australia so I’m really excited to hear what people think really think of it,’’ she said.

Ms Walker said the book would be officially released Australia and New Zealand wide on September 1 this year and she hoped that it would expand and reach a wider span of countries within the next 12 months.

She said the book, Unpacking Harper Holt , was a nearly 18 month process but it was all worth it to have the book produced and entering stored nation wide.