Sports precinct damage disappoints

By Thomas Moir

Greater Shepparton City Council members are disappointed about up to $50,000 worth of damage recently done to council assets, including at the new regional sports precinct.

City engineer Phil Hoare said between $30,000 and $50,000 worth of damage done during break-ins on recent weekends at the new sports precinct and other facilities was ‘‘really disappointing, particularly for the clubs involved’’.

‘‘Those clubs have a lot of volunteer hours put in,’’ he said.

‘‘Any theft of club equipment impacts those clubs. That’s the most disappointing part of it.’’

Conversations would now be underway on extending CCTV resources to the precinct will be held.

Mr Hoare that said repairs to buildings would be a cost incurred by ratepayers.

‘‘We are working with the user groups and local police on ways that we can improve security at these facilities,’’ he said.

‘‘We have already implemented security upgrades, particularly around Sports City.’’

Mr Hoare asked any witnesses or anyone who had seen suspicious behaviour in the area to report it to police.