Police pursuit ends in Tallygaroopna

By Myles Peterson

A police chase came to a screeching halt in Tallygaroopna yesterday, leaving residents stunned and grateful no-one was injured.

The hour-long chase reportedly reached speeds of almost 200km/h as seven police pursuit vehicles attempted to stop a Holden Calais.

The white car, sporting P-plates, allegedly led police across the region mostly sticking to back roads in an effort to avoid capture.

Shepparton police Sergeant Ron Willis said the pursuit started close to Tallygaroopna, travelling to Katandra West, Dookie, Youanmite, Yabba and back through Katandra to Tallygaroopna.

Police used stop sticks to help end the pursuit.

Sgt Willis at one point police radars allegedly clocked the car travelling at 194km/h.

Police used ‘‘stop sticks’’ 20km outside of Tallygaroopna to stop the car. The driver continued towards the small town, despite both front tires being shredded.

Entering on Victoria St, the sound of the front wheel rims scrapping bitumen startled many residents, witnesses said.

One man, who did not wish to be named, feared for his safety as the vehicle allegedly hurtled towards him through a 40km/h school zone.

‘‘Really dangerous, scary actually...this car is coming flat out towards me,’’ he said.

The witness said the car screeched to a halt, leaving long gouges in the road as a result of the metal rims of its front tyres grinding the bitumen.

District police were involved in the chase yesterday near Tallygaroopna.

Another witness said the car allegedly came to a stop metres from passing traffic on the Goulburn Valley Hwy.

The first witness said two men allegedly leapt from the vehicle and fled.

Police quickly arrived and a man was taken into custody, while another man eluded police.

The pursuit allegedly started when the Holden Calais was spotted towing a stolen trailer.

The trailer was allegedly dumped by the occupants of the car when the chase started.

Police had not confirmed the capture of the second man when the News went to print.