CCTV Concern

By Madeleine Caccianiga

A Shepparton business owner has expressed concerns an alleged vandalism spree two weeks ago was not captured on CCTV footage.

Maude St Mall was the target of a window-smashing spree on Friday, June 8, when seven store-front windows were broken during an alleged vandalism attack leaving business owners angry and out of pocket.

Cash Recyclers owner Rocky Furci said something needed to be done to improve surveillance in the mall.

‘‘I’m concerned that everyone was after these cameras and I don’t think they’re doing their job,’’ Mr Furci said.

Cash Recyclers has been the target of vandalism three times in the past six months.

‘‘It doesn’t matter if you’ve got alarm systems, it just doesn’t seem to deter them and the worst part about it is they seem to walk away,’’ Mr Furci said.

Mr Furci said he had the same response from police every time his shop had been vandalised.

‘‘The cameras must have been facing the wrong way,’’ he said.

‘‘My question is whether we should look at an upgrade if the cameras aren’t 360° — why they’re not and whether they are being monitored,’’ he said.

Mr Furci said the disruption of waiting for insurance assessors and organising a new window with sign writing really upset him.

‘‘I’ve had 30 years of dealing with stuff that’s gone to court,’’ Mr Furci said.

‘‘People have been found guilty and we’ve never been compensated for our time and disruption,’’ Mr Furci said.

‘‘My question is — why is this happening to our stores on a Friday night when there is supposed to be plenty of light and plenty of cameras?

‘‘They’re brazen enough to do this and they should be held accountable for the cost.’’

Greater Shepparton City Council acting director community Amanda Tingay said council worked in collaboration with Shepparton Police to monitor the Safer City Camera Network within the Shepparton CBD.

‘‘Council owns the infrastructure for the network and it is monitored from the Shepparton Police Station,’’ Ms Tingay said.

Shepparton Police Senior Sergeant Mick Layton said the CCTV cameras were always in use and available to police in all their enquires.

‘‘The cameras provide police with a useful tool in addition to our usual enquiry methods,’’ Sen Sgt Layton said.

‘‘They are used to compliment the information that we receive from members of the public who are good enough to provide police with the very useful information with regard to what they see and hear when incidents occur.’’