Police won’t ban ‘Lawyer X’ doco screening

By AAP Newswire

A television documentary about the 'Lawyer X' scandal rocking Victoria Police will air on Monday night despite concerns it could breach court orders.

The force recently spoke to the Sky News producers of "Lawyer X: The Untold Story" to find out if the production might identify people whose names have been suppressed.

But police say that contrary to reports, they have not tried to censor the program.

"There have been no efforts whatsoever to 'shut down' or stop the broadcast of the Sky News documentary," a Victoria Police spokesman told AAP on Monday.

"We contacted producers last week only because we wanted the opportunity to advise in advance of any details which, if broadcast, might inadvertently contravene court orders and increase the risk of serious harm to the safety of a number of people."

A royal commission is being held in Victoria to investigate the police's use of Nicola Gobbo, also known as Lawyer X, as an informant.

Ms Gobbo was connected with a number of high-profile gangland figures, including drug dealer Carl Williams, while supplying information to police.