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Mahindra unveil seven new models

By Dairy News

Twelve years after its introduction into Australia, Mahindra has delivered seven new models at a dealer conference on the Gold Coast last month.

Customer acceptance of the Mahindra Max sub-compacts has played a solid part in the brand’s position in the 0–50 hp segment of the Australian market, and now two new variants of the Max have arrived — Max 28 and Max 36.

Both have 3-speed transmissions with simple hydrostatic foot control, sturdy builds and class-leading lift figures from their Australian-built 4-in-1 buckets.

Both models are built in Japan, in Mahindra’s new Mitsubishi-Mahindra plant. Max 28 HST starts from just $26 990 with loader and 4-in-1 bucket.

3650 PST

The new 50 horsepower compact 3650 has standard Power Shuttle, an all-new, Eco-friendly Tier IV direct-injection engine, providing cleaner emissions at a lower cost, with no DPF.

There’s no shortage of grunt with enough hydraulic power (41.6 lpm) and 1402 kg of linkage lift capacity, all managed by smooth Power Shuttle shifting. The price tag of $35 990 includes loader and 4-in- Bucket.

6075 20/20 Creeper

In the latest 75, 80 and 90 hp offerings, Mahindra has kept all the things its customers loved about the Utility Tractor range like solid planetary 4 x 4 reduction, but added a few notable improvements.

The first of which applies to the new 6075, which now comes available in either 15/15 Synchro Shuttle or 20/20 creeper variants.

There’s also a new easy-access hood, new front axle and flat operator platform and increase in overall weight to 2650 kg, to maximise traction.

7580 & 7590

Rounding out the product release at the top end are the all new larger 80 hp and 92 hp tractors — the Mahindra 7580 and 7590.

The company says these are ideal for primary and secondary tillage, livestock operations, crop protection, haulage and loader applications and a myriad of other basic field applications.

At the heart of both machines is a turbocharged intercooled 4 cylinder in-line diesel designed for three things; reliability, fuel efficiency and a big flat torque curve.

Both models feature twin remotes, twin-speed PTOs and even heavier builds for greater traction and longevity.

These models will be rolled out progressively throughout 2018.