New sale rules

By Country News

It is a new requirement that anyone selling livestock must include the Property Identification Code (PIC) of the property at which the livestock are kept in any advertisement for the sale of those livestock.

This new requirement came into effect on September 5 under the Livestock Disease Control Regulations 2017.

PICs are required for all properties which have any number cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, camels, alpacas, llama or deer, or more than 50 poultry, including properties where the animals are kept as pets.

All advertisements selling the animals for which a PIC is required need to include the PIC of where the animals are kept, including printed classified advertisements, posted online via online sales sites (for example, Gumtree) or on social media sites (for example, Facebook).

This includes when livestock are offered free of charge, or for barter, or for exchange of money.

Where 50 or fewer poultry are kept on a property, there is no need to apply for a PIC or include a PIC in the advertisement.

Where more than 50 poultry are kept on a property, a PIC is required and it must be included in the advertisement, even if only one or two poultry are being advertised at a time.

In the cases where a livestock agent is involved in the sale, with their name and contact details appearing the advertisement, a PIC is not required.

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