Heifer has triple treat

By Country News

Mooroopna farmer and livestock agent Craig Cox had just delivered twins from a Holstein heifer, when he thought she was behaving suspiciously like she had one more to give up.

Noting her continued discomfort he found to his surprise that Queensy had still to deliver a third calf.

The two bulls and one heifer were born on September 20; the first triplets Mr Cox has seen with his cattle.

The sire is a red Friesian mop-up bull.

Mr Cox and his two sons, Caleb, 12, and Denzel, 10, have been taking good care of Queensy, whose mother is an 87 point cow, and who has been through a big experience.

‘‘It’s pretty massive to lose about 200kg in one hit, so we’ve been looking after her,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve given her a rest from the calves, and we’ve been getting fluids into her.’’

In bovine multiple births with mixed genders, it is probable the heifer will be an infertile freemartin.