Rams up for sale

By Country News

North East Merino Breeders Group’s annual ram sale is set to get under way next Tuesday, with hopes strong industry returns will deliver good results for all.

A number of local studs are participating in the group sale with rams from Bindawarra, Bennmann, Hynam Poll, Kilfeera Park Poll, Kilfeera Park, Toland Poll, Koole Vale and Wirrate studs going under the hammer at the 1pm sale.

With inspections beginning at 10am on the day, registered buyers will also go into the draw to win $400 off the purchase of a ram in the sale, with group president Simon Riddle announcing the winner ahead of the auction.

Following a successful sale last year, Hynam Poll Merinos owner Kevin Hynam, who will put eight rams up for sale, said the group was hoping for a good turnout at the sale.

Having relocated from Hopetoun in the southern Mallee two years ago, Mr Hynam said he had been pleased with how his flock had handled the rain and the improved wool-growing conditions.

Enjoying good returns for his wool, he said he hoped the sale would provide more quality results.

‘‘The wool market is exceptionally good at the moment and the meat market has had some great returns,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s been a bit of a tough season through Victoria and into New South Wales in terms of rain... but I’m confident with my own sheep and there’s been some good interest.’’

A duo of local judges will undertake all-purpose judging on the day, with Katrina McCraken from Avenel’s Dunbrae Merino Stud acting as wool judge while Coledale Poll Dorset Stud’s Kirsty Taylor has been appointed meat judge.